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Transaction Monitoring


Reduce Operational Costs with Real-Time Transaction Intelligence for banking and payment processing environments. Inetco Insight is quickly becoming the de facto standard for one stop, end-to-end visibility into ATM, POS, mobile banking and online banking transaction management.

Improve service delivery, operational efficiency and leverage your IT investment across all your customer facing channels


Financial institutions care deeply about interactions which engage customers, and transactions which generate revenue. The problem is there are more and more places where these critical interactions and transactions can fail, especially within integrated multi-channel retail banking environments. IT operations, applications support and self-service channel teams responsible for the consumer experience face a whole new set of service delivery demands and operational risks. They are dealing with greater infrastructure complexity such as multiple payment switches, and new application architectures such as multi-vendor ATMs, third party software as a service, virtual, mobile and web- based application services. Increasing electronic transaction volumes also make delivering consistent service levels and accessing actionable, real-time transaction intelligence more challenging than ever.

Champion your multi-channel retail banking environment with a proven transaction monitoring and analytics solution


INETCO Insight is a proven transaction-centric analytics solution for monitoring all your critical banking applications within ATM and other self-service channel networks. It is the fastest deploying transaction management software in the financial industry, with no agents, no extra traffic loads, no transaction tagging and no switch changes required. INETCO Insight provides real-time alerts that help IT operations, applications support and self- service channel delivery teams:


  1. Quickly isolate slowdowns and communications failure points across today’s end-to-end transaction environments – including virtual, cloud and mobile network infrastructures

  2. Gain one stop visibility across all self-service channels and multi-vendor devices

  3. Monitor all core banking, third party and back-end EFT and interbank connections



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