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ELFIQ - Link Balancers


With today’s growing Internet demands, Elfiq Networks enhances network performance and business continuity through innovative link balancing, cloud computing and bandwidth management technologies. Using Elfiq Networks Link Balancers, companies can leverage simultaneous ISPs, mix public and private links for added flexibility, seamless failover, increased throughput and smarter WAN path selection. Every day, local and global organizations of all sizes and verticals rely on Elfiq Networks’ Link Balancers and advanced network solutions.


  • Balancing and Failover:

    ISP Balancing and failover are the core product features

  • Quality of Service (QoS):

    Proactive traffic promoting and limiting

  • SitePathMTPX WAN Bandwidth Virtualization:

    Point to point application acceleration and resilience

  • Intelligent DNS (iDNS) Inbound Balancing:

    Inbound balancing feature utilizing all available ISP links

  • Inbound Geolink:

    Manage inbound traffic across multiple physical locations

  • Time of Day Conditions:

    Elfiq Networks' Link Balancer can adjust automatically its configuration based on time-based conditions

  • 3G + 4G Mobile Carrier Support:

    Deploy 3G and or 4G mobile carrier links

  • SIP Aware Link Balancer:

    Enables enhanced SIP-based VoIP deployments

  • LAN Failsafe:

    Maximum uptime for single unit deployments

  • High Availability:

    Redundant units for high availability environments

  • USB Configuration:

    Remote configuration with USB flash drives

  • Additional functionality:

    Elfiq Operating System additional functionality

  • Upgradability:

    Elfiq Link Balancers Upgradability

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